Business Capital Consultants Refers our Clients to Local Banks and Credit Unions.
Have We Spoken to You About How It Works?

‘Partner with Us’

At BCC, our Consulting Practice focuses on clients in growth mode, or those that wish to find the right credit facility to maximize their profitability. Understanding the Commercial and Industrial ‘credit box’ for our Partner banks is imperative to streamlining the process to refer the right files to the right Partners.

A Good Partnership is the Difference Between a Good Year and a Great Year

Certain Banks and Bankers have the autonomy to Underwrite files under $1M expeditiously. Others specialize in Franchises, Business Acquisitions, and/or Commercial Real Estate. While others offer Unsecured Lines of Credit to profitable entities that have Guarantors with 700+ FICO scores to expand their depositor relationships. As your referring Partner we need to know the files that your Bank/Institution wants to see.

If we are working with SBA Divisions we need to understand if the lender is a PLP  Preferred Lender Provider, how they view collateral, guarantor credit and DSCR ratio thresholds- and the verticals they prefer. Do they offer SBA Express, and if so, is it only as an adjunct to loans in the form of a credit line? What is the footprint: local, regional, national?

On the flip side: If there are valued clients that fall short of your credit criteria (and you do not wish to lose the client) we can assist placing them with Banks that do not require a depository relationship. Working closely with our Partner Banks is a ‘win-win’ for all involved. We’d like to learn more about how we can work together!